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The Vet commented on how quickly the knee was healing.

Wes, owner of a 2 year-old Karli writes-“My dog Karli recently hurt her left front knee while playing ball. The vet diagnosed the injury as a torn ACL. He indicated that we could opt for surgery, or we could try letting it heal on its own. We opted for the non-surgical approach, but I was concerned about the pain and soreness. The anti-inflammatories prescribed by our vet didn’t seem to help much, so we decided to give RJ+ a try. By the second day on RJ+, Karli had dramatically less tenderness in her knee, and was actually beginning to walk around without a noticeable limp. Two-weeks later we took Karli back to the vet. The Vet commented on how quickly the knee was healing. At that time we discontinued the drugs and gave Karli two doses of RJ+ each day. Within a month, Karli was back to her normal, active, playful self.”


RJ+ is the first product that I have ever used on my Labs that works

RJ+ is the first product that I have ever used on my Labs that works. I didn’t have to go to the Vet and get a prescription of some med that could have long lasting effects. At this time of year my labs are in the field for at least one long hard day a week of hunting. From sun up to sun down. We average four to six hunts a day. Some are up to two hours and others are just an hour. We will put over 300 miles on the hunting rig by the time the day is done. My old dog Dylan is the dog who takes the RJ+. Last year it would take two days for him to recover from a long day of hunting. This year he wakes up the next day and is ready to go again. He still has to wait until next weekend. Great Product!

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We were absolutely thrilled with the speedy and effective results when Odessa started taking RJ+.

We have two elderly English Mastiffs and our vet recommended RJ+ for Odessa, our 140-lb “little girl” last year. Although we had been giving her glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin for years to help her bad joints and hip dysplasia, her mobility and quality of life had been regressing rapidly. We were absolutely thrilled with the speedy and effective results when she started taking RJ+. We now have Ulysses, our 200-lb big guy, on a maintenance dose, too, and it is great that both dogs can still get up and down stairs although they are both 10 1/2. Their day-to-day lives have improved significantly and nothing could make me happier. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!


Noticed a change in energy level by the end of the 4th day

Mary Spurgeon, owner of 17 year old Cock-a-poo writes, “I noticed a change in her (Lady’s) energy level by the end of the 4th day of RJ+. It seemed to be much easier for her to stand from a lying position. On the 7th day we went for a 4 block walk and she appeared much more chipper. She even trotted for a bit, which she hasn’t done on a walk for quite some time. In addition to changes in Lady’s mobility, I have also noticed a more alert and energetic dog since taking RJ+.

Mary Spurgeon

Just a bit of testimony on how RJ+ has helped both of my girls

I just ordered a refill last night. My 2 girls are still both doing great, in fact, my Spaniel just turned 18 years old.

I started using RJ+ on my 6 year old Pit-mix after she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last year. I did 3 sessions of acupuncture for her, but I could not continue regularly due to cost. We are a holistic family, so I was researching natural remedies when I ran across the RJ+ and ordered a sample, followed by a whole bottle and continued regular daily use. She has not had any further difficulties with the hips, most importantly when getting up after laying down for a long period of time. She has even ventured up the stairs a few times and had to do a precarious trip back down, which includes a “tummy slide” and rear legs out behind her. I always cringe, but I swear it has been the RJ+ that keeps her from getting hurt. I also started giving RJ+ to my Cocker Spaniel-mix after observing how much it helped my other dog. She broke her back 5 years ago and, due to old age, has been getting pretty stiff after laying. I have no doubt that the RJ+ has helped her immensely, and she just celebrated her 18th birthday.

Thank you for such a great product!

The Baker Family, Tampa, Florida

Relief from ACL injury and hip issue

Our pooch is yellow lab/German shepherd cross. When she was about 2 years old she was outside running around, we heard a snap like she has stepped on a stick and it broke, she let out a bit of a yelp and continued on.

It was not until a year later that she started favoring her back right leg, holding it up and non-weight bearing. After a trip to the vet and x-rays it was determined that she had torn her ACL. Considering the expense of surgery and possibly not working we choose to keep her calm with no stairs and no running for at least 6 months.

Being a mixed breed with shepherd and knowing the hip issues they have we choose to do some research as to what we could give her to help heal her ACL and help with the hip issues.

This is when we discovered Rejuvenate Plus with overwhelming reviews from a dog owner who was giving it to their 12 year old shepherd.

From that point on we have been giving Rejuvenate to our crazy now 10 year old pooch who still thinks she can run like a 2 year old dog.

If it wasn’t for the Rejuvenate Plus we would have had to say goodbye to her many years ago due to the ACL injury and hip issue. It has truly helped her stay limber and crazy.

Leigh H.

Helpful for preventing pain and soreness

Ron, owner of a 8 year-old English Bulldog (Slater) writes-“We started Slater on RJ+ after hearing about the product from a relative. We were a bit skeptical about the ability of a dietary supplement to help with Slater’s problems as he has arthritis in his hip and was gaining a great deal of weight which wasn’t helping his mobility. However, within 5 days of starting Slater on RJ+, we noticed an increase in his mobility, especially in his ability to negotiate the stairs to our basement. We have continued to use RJ+. It has been very helpful in preventing the pain and soreness associated with the exercise regiment suggested by our veterinary to help Slater lose weight.”


I am amazed at how quickly he recovered from his surgery and how much RJ+ has helped his Hip Dysplasia.

Renee Blain of BC shares her story about her devoted Labradoodle, Rupert and his recent surgery, ”I would just like to give you a bit of background about how important Rupert is to me and my family. In July of 2007 my daughter and I were at a campsite in Carmacks, Yukon with Rupert our Labradoodle (he was 16 months old at the time). My husband was part of a team that was in the Yukon River Quest and this site was one of their mandatory stops. It was a hot day so Rupert and I went for a walk along the Yukon River. I let him get a drink of water from the River, and then he walked back up the bank. Well, it looked so inviting that I decided to get my feet wet too. What I didn’t realize is that the bank is very unstable and it gave way under me and I fell into the rivers current. We were alone when this happened so there was nobody around to help. Luckily Rupert’s leash was still around my wrist as there was absolutely nothing to hang on to or pull myself up with. I looked up at Rupert and there was this connection that I felt between us and he started backing up and he literally pulled me out of the River up the steep bank. Thank God he’s such a big, strong dog otherwise I really don’t believe that I could have made it with out his help. I owe my life to him. Needless to say I would do anything for him.”

“As we all know, large dogs can present with Hip Dysplasia, which is unfortunately the case with my Rupert. He was diagnosed in September of 2007. I suspected that something was wrong because when he would play his favorite game of ball or take a long walk, he would end up limping and favoring his left hind leg. What I also noticed was that when he would get up from lying down it would be a bit of a struggle because of the pain in his left hip joint. This has been pretty much an ongoing thing with him. My Vet gave me some medication for him called Meloxicam, which I don’t like to give him unless it’s absolutely necessary as it can be hard on the stomach. Anyway, my silly dog had eaten a sock and it was stuck in the middle of his bowels and he had to have emergency surgery to remove it as well as about 5 inches of his bowel. He was so sick I thought I was going to lose him. This was one of the worst times of my life and Ruperts. When I brought him home after 5 days in the Clinic, he didn’t have much of an appetite and I was pretty worried about that as he has always had a more than healthy appetite. I then remembered that my sister-in-law had mentioned something about RJ+, so I searched it online and read that it is beneficial for tissue repair among other things. I thought to myself “Wow! This could help with both of the issues that Rupert has.” I have been giving him RJ+ since a few days after bringing him home from the Clinic and I am amazed at how quickly he recovered from his surgery and how much it has helped his Hip Dysplasia. I was very concerned about all the lying around he was doing after the surgery and how this would affect his hip. I am happy to report that he is back to his playful self playing ball and taking walks and his hip has not bothered him at all. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has concerns about there dog’s health. I only wish I had known about this product when he was first diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia.”

Renee Blain